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All of these resources can be found online but if you are eager to support our local Casper businesses, stop in at Hill Music in the Hilltop shopping center to pick up a copy today!

Real Book Image.jpg


This book is full of tunes and repertoire for our students at Jazz Verbs to learn from and start understanding the concepts behind Improvisation and Composition. Be sure to purchase in correct key for your instrument.

Essential Elements Image.jpg


This book is excellent for beginners and gives great insight on fundamental knowledge to carry throughout your entire music career. Comes with play-along CD for practice and explains concepts clearly for a new musician. Be sure to purchase in correct key and/or instrument.


This book is an outstanding option for students that are brand new to their instruments. It offers clear descriptions, technique building, and efficiency in the learning process. Be sure to purchase in correct key and/or instrument.

Essential Elements sax Image.jpg


This book series is great for elementary and kinder education, specifically on piano. It combines great skill builders with fun in duets to play with their instructor along with helping the student gain knowledge in theory, performance, and artistry.

Piano Adventures Primer Image_edited.jpg


Outstanding resources to help hone your musical skills in the comfort of your own home.

Sheet Music and Guitar


Outstanding Quality

There are many options out there with cell phone apps, analog and digital metronomes but it's is one of a musicians most crucial tools. A must have for any musicians success.

Home Theater Speakers


Truly Top-Notch

Also many options that are available to you but a very helpful tool as well for practice, listening and jamming. Just make sure to remember that your speakers need to simply be loud enough to be heard in accompaniment with your instrument.


Backing Track Application

This app is a lot of fun and especially useful for trying to put your practice into performance. It offers thousands of songs, forums to download other peoples backing tracks, and the ability to input your own chords all in one app! It also offers a wide range of tempos, genres, and can transpose into all 12 keys. Available for desktop, tablet, and phone applications.

iReal Pro Image.png


Transcription Application

This app is capable of changing the tempo and key of recordings allowing for you as the student to take a magnifying glass to your all time favorite solos, melodies, and songs. Compatible with apple music, spotify, and uploaded mp3 files allowing you to transcribe any material you want. Available for desktop, tablet, and phone applications.

Amazing Slow Downer Image.png


Free Notation Software

Getting your music onto the page for other musicians to join you for a few covers or your own originals is an effective and professional way to get people involved with you musically! If you're not sure about wanting to write your own music or not, it is still an outstanding resource for getting notes on the page.


 Free DAW

Garage band is a very under rated resource to a growing musician. It not only can help you get some original ideas into a project that you can hear back, but you can record yourself and get a real sense of where you are as a musician.

garage band.png


Professional Notation Software

If writing music, playing gigs, getting a band together, or even teaching and creating musical worksheets is on your horizon, Sibelius would be a great investment for your musical career. It is the flagship of notation software and can do just about anything you could need in a piece of sheet music. It also features numerous file export options and live playback with it's stock library of sounds.


Paid DAW Software

There are many DAW's that are equally as strong as or stronger than Logic but I always recommend it as the most user friendly software for getting your musical ideas on the page. Even with it's affordable price, it has robust capabilities that will allow you to mix and master your own music, smoothly compose and explore music with a seemless workflow.

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