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Teaching Today's Music Through Yesterday's Lessons

At Jazz Verbs Studios, our goal is to equip our students with the tools to not only be successful in music academically, but within the real world as well. Our curriculum has been molded to guide each students progressional growth but at their own pace and within musical subjects, genres, and approaches that they find intriguing. We take a "Jazz" approach to our curriculum and make it a verb that acts upon today's music. This technique has yielded many successes for students in composition, improvisation, performance, and music business, and we strive to continue gaining resources to provide recording, music production, and techniques for music monetization to all of our students in the near future. If you or your student are looking for a fresh take on music, call and book a consultation today!




Since obtaining his Jazz Saxophone Performance Degree from the University of Denver in 2016, Mario has taken a serious interest in teaching young musicians, especially within his community. Through his education, he came up with the idea of "Jazz Verbs" and adopting the concept that Jazz is no longer a genre but rather a verb that acts on music. Today, he has taken that concept and applied it to his way of teaching composition, improvisation, performance, music business, and theory to help students achieve their goals as musicians.

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